From Sierra de Jabugo, we want to give our little support to the World Day in the prevention of cancer, trying to be as faithful as possible to traditional values.

Concerned about the conservation of a natural ecosystem, we try to defend a traditional livestock production of the Iberian pig, working side by side with farmers and in our own dehesas.

In Sierra de Jabugo we aim to achieve a handmade product of the highest quality and healthiest. Our quality department works to recover traditional recipes and improve existing ones, in order to eliminate gluten, allergens, additives … among others.

With our own pig farming, we raise our pigs on an extensive diet in wooded pastures where they can move widely and perform physical exercise. With food based on cereals and grasses, which finish the fattening with acorns in the montanera.

In addition, a 100% Iberian acorn ham is a source of protein, vitamins B1, B6, B12, folic acid, oleic acid, good cholesterol and vitamin E … That all these help us in a healthier life.