Iberian sirloin pata-negra-ham

Terminologies of words, related to the world of the Iberian pig. The”S”.

Iberian sausage (Salchichón)

Made with minced Iberian pork meat, with spices, marinated and stuffed in natural casing. Cured of slow form of approximately 60 days, in our natural dryers in full Park of the Mountain range of Aracena and Picks of Aroche.

Bleeding (Sangrado)

Blood extraction protocols in pigs to prevent / treat diseases.
Also the elimination of the blood to clean the meat and the musculature completely, after the sacrifice of the animal.

Dry of the holm oak and the cork oak

Dry of the holm oak and the cork oak (Seca)

It is the cancer of the Mediterranean Dehesa, due to fungi of the “Diplodia sp” type, by which the Quercus begin to lose vigor, their leaves turn yellow. Later causes the progressive loss of leaves, cracks in the branches …, until the tree dies.

Dryer (Secadero)

Natural Ham Drying in Jabugo

It is the dependency where humidity levels, temperature and ventilation of the hams are controlled. The drying of the ham or shoulder is achieved naturally with the opening and closing of the windows causing the own climate to influence the process of curing the ham.

Secret (Secreto)

It is the piece that is on the inside of the loin next to the pig’s shoulder. From it the “lomito” is made. It is a veined meat, which accumulates fat infiltrated in the muscular mass, giving a great texture and an exceptional flavor.


Traditional cut of the Sierra de Huelva and Badajoz, in the form of “V” made on the skin that surrounds the fresh ham during profiling.

Sirloin (Solomillo)

It is the piece of meat of the sublumbar musculature of the pigs. Very remarkable and appreciated for elaboration of great variety of recipes, for being very tender and juicy.

Sweaty (Sudado)

It is the change temperature naturally, with the expansion / contraction of fat in the lean ham and the Iberian shoulder. They take place in dryers during the summer, with 30 º during the day and cool at night. The aromas that our Sierra produces also help us.