birthing room and raising pigs

 Terminologies of words, related to the world of the Iberian pig. The “P”.

Paleta (shoulder)

Product made with the front end of pigs. If the pig is Iberian, it is called “Iberian shoulder”.

Panceta (bacon)

Square part very fat, it is marketed fresh, salty or smoked.

Papada (dewlap)

Part of the fat and characteristic face // Piece of flesh of that anatomical region very veined.

Paridera/s (birth)

Construction that formerly made of stone, so that the Iberian pigs could have their young. // Period in which Iberian pig births take place.


Set of acorns fallen to the ground in a delimited area coming from a tree.


Spanish expression that refers to a product of high quality. // It is a denomination applied equivocally to Iberian hams and shoulders. // Tip of dark colored pigs.


Adipose tissue located around the kidneys.


Metal or plastic piece used to identify animals, usually attached to the ear. Also called “Crotal


African swine fever.

Perfil de ácidos grasos (fatty acid profile)

Analytical result of the intramuscular fat of the pig in its hams, shoulders and Iberian loins, informing about the quality of the same, food and category.

Pestorejo o careta (pig’s mask)

Meat piece formed by the cutaneous, adipose and muscular tissue of the face, very appreciated for grilling.

Pezuña (hoof)

Final keratinous part of the extremities corresponding to the nails that cover the two fingers of the pigs. It is split and dark colored. It is preserved in ham and shoulder.

Piara (herd)

Group or herd of pigs grazing in the pasture.

Pluma (feather)

Piece of fresh meat of triangular shape corresponding to the upper part of the loin. Very streaked.

Poda (pruning of the oak)

Cleaning and cleaning operation eliminating some branches of the tree so that it develops better.


Lodging that shelters pigs.

Porquero (swineherd)

Person who works with extensive Iberian pigs.

Precinto (seal)

Metal or indelible plastic part that is fixed to the reed of the pieces with traceability data.

Quality of Iberian ham



Animal in rearing period, with weights between 6 and 9 “arrobas” or until its entry into montanera.


Iberian pork meat for fresh consumption, from premium pigs.


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