Pigs in the Sierra finishing montanera

Terminologies of words, related to the world of the Iberian pig. The “M”.


It was named this way to the agostones pigs (born between May and June and their weaning is in the month of August) with a year or more fed only in stubble and grazing until their entry into the montanera.


Variety breed of Iberian pig provided with mamellas.


Two fleshy appendages that appear in the neck of the pigs of the mamellados variety.


Food product made from the fat obtained from the “pella” and pork bacon. It was used much earlier in Spanish cuisine, now its largest production is for the production of shortbreads and polvorones.


Piglet born in spring.


The pig weighing between 30 and 70 kilos.

Mayoral (foreman)

Person who coordinates the work of the swineherds. It is also called that in the world of the brave bull.


Top of the ham, the juiciest.


They are the first acorns of holm oaks and cork oaks that fall due to the splitting of the cascabullo of the tree due to pathogenic agents, by the common drought in this time and by the amount that the tree has. These acorns have a few drops of sweet sap on the outside and hence its name “honey.”


Last phase of the fattening of the Iberian pig and consists of leaving the pigs in the meadow in semi-freedom in herds that move looking for the best areas of herbs and acorns that extend from October to March, with the only occupation of: eating and sleeping. In a good crop of acorns, animals can enter the montanera with 90 kilograms of weight and can reach up to 160 kg, thanks to the high content of carbohydrates that these fruits have and that provide energy to the animal, which is then will transform into the famous cardio-healthy fat.

Morcilla (iberian candle sausage)

Sausage made with blood, fat, condiments and spices. Cured in natural dryers of the Sierra de Aracena and Aroche peaks.

Morcón (Iberian cured sausage “Morcón”)

Iberian lean minced, seasoned and stuffed in natural blind casing. With a slow healing of approximately 90 days, in our natural dryers of Sierra de Jabugo.

Muescas (notches)

Identification cuts that were made in the ears of pigs to know them when they were taken care of in the “Neighborhood Councils“. Also the cuts that pigs make in their ears normally when they fight between them.

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