Factory and natural dryers of hams and cured Iberian meats in Jabugo (Spain).

We are in the Sierra de Huelva, surrounded by thousands of hectares of pastures where collaborating breeders and ourselves fattened thousands of Iberian pigs. In the year 1994 Sierra de Jabugo S.L. was born, an exciting project in which a whole family embarked.

We work under the highest quality parameters of the Iberian sector, we cure the meat in our natural dryer and we have a commercial attention at the height of our customers.

For this reason, more and more companies choose us as their Iberian supplier and we retain more end consumers, who find Jabugo ham at really good prices.

We make traditional sausages and dispatch fresh meats
of iberian pork almost all year round.
With Sierra, if you buy acorn (bellota) … it’s acorn (bellota) … and Jabugo.

Sierra de Jabugo brings the best Iberian to your home from the dehesa. Choose us as your provider, we will be up to the task.

  • We collaborate with local breeders of Iberian pigs in dehesa. We also have our own Iberian hut.
  • Traditional preparation and curing of meats in natural drying.
  • The name of Jabugo we do not walk in vain.
  • Direct marketing from the factory through our physical and online stores.
  • Sale to wholesale professionals and direct consumers.
  • You can find our products in the market under the denomination of two different brands.

Traceability of the production process controlled by an external certifier and by the Jabugo Protected Designation of Origin. Certified “pata negra” ham!