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Words related to the world of the Iberian pig. “P”

birthing room and raising pigs

 Terminologies of words, related to the world of the Iberian pig. The “P”.

Paleta (shoulder)

Product made with the front end of pigs. If the pig is Iberian, it is called “Iberian shoulder”.

Panceta (bacon)

Square part very fat, it is marketed fresh, salty or smoked.

Papada (dewlap)

Part of the fat and characteristic face // Piece of flesh of that anatomical region very veined.

Paridera/s (birth)

Construction that formerly made of stone, so that the Iberian pigs could have their young. // Period in which Iberian pig births take place.

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Aggrading stores pata-negra-ham

We could not finish better the sales campaign of our hams, shoulders and Iberian products in 2018 and start 2019. How could it be otherwise, it is thanks to TI ☺️

All of us who make up the Sierra de Jabugo Group, S.L., want to thank all our customers for the trust placed in us.

For the new campaign of 2019! Os ♥

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Labeling according to Spanish quality standard of Iberian ham

Iberian products pata negra ham

The correct labeling according to the Spanish quality standard for ham, shoulder and loin of Iberian loin, should be clear:

Product + Food + Race %

Name of the product that the user buys + Food that has had during part of its life to catalog it + The % of the purity / crossing of the race or the mixture between them.

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Do you know the difference between seal and label?

diferencias entre etiqueta y precintos Sierra de Jabugo

The seal of the ham or of the palette is a rectangular plastic flange that has to go tight (inviolable and independent of the manufacturer) to the cane of the ham or the palette, in which we can observe:

Precintos en paletas y jamones

1. Seal color:

  • Black, for 100% Iberian acorn.
  • Red, for the Iberian acorn.
  • Green, for the Iberian field bait.
  • White, for the Iberian bait.

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Enjoy anywhere in our ham

Jamón de bellota en la Sierra


Our hams and shoulders anywhere.

Take advantage of the offer of sliced Iberian ham or shoulder ham. In comfortable envelopes vacuum packed 100 grams. That you can take it and enjoy it anywhere you want. Buy batch of Iberian ham sliced by knife or shoulder directly to the producer, without intermediaries.

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