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Supreme quality. The spotted Jabugo.

spotted of Jabugo - pata-negra-ham
spotted of Jabugo - pata-negra-ham

In the province of Huelva there is a variety of Iberian pig included with differentiated character in the Official Catalog of Cattle Races of Spain and in danger of extinction (the Spotted Jabugo). For what, for some years, the Sierra de Jabugo Group, is betting on its upbringing, in some of the dehesas available in the Sierra de Huelva.

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The salting process of iberian ham

Salted Iberian ham

The salting of the ham is another very important process in obtaining a good flavor and a good texture in a good quality iberian ham.

Salt has been used since time immemorial to preserve fresh produce and try to prolong its shelf life. The salt what it does is to extract the water of the meat and making difficult the proliferation of microorganisms capable of decomposing it.

In Sierra de Jabugo we use only natural sea salt without any type of additive, thus guaranteeing a 100% natural process.

The processes of which it costs, for a good salting after the sacrifice and profiling of the hams and shoulders are:

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Aggrading stores pata-negra-ham

We could not finish better the sales campaign of our hams, shoulders and Iberian products in 2018 and start 2019. How could it be otherwise, it is thanks to TI ☺️

All of us who make up the Sierra de Jabugo Group, S.L., want to thank all our customers for the trust placed in us.

For the new campaign of 2019! Os ♥

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Labeling according to Spanish quality standard of Iberian ham

Iberian products pata negra ham

The correct labeling according to the Spanish quality standard for ham, shoulder and loin of Iberian loin, should be clear:

Product + Food + Race %

Name of the product that the user buys + Food that has had during part of its life to catalog it + The % of the purity / crossing of the race or the mixture between them.

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Words related to the world of the Iberian pig. The “M”

Pigs in the Sierra finishing montanera

Terminologies of words, related to the world of the Iberian pig. The “M”.


It was named this way to the agostones pigs (born between May and June and their weaning is in the month of August) with a year or more fed only in stubble and grazing until their entry into the montanera.

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