Cebo campo iberian ham


Cebo campo iberian ham.

This ham comes from pigs of 50% Iberian breed (crossed Iberian) bred in semi-extensive (semi-freedom in the field). The animals graze and live in the field exercising and feeding naturally and of grain feeds, although not in dehesas with access to the montanera, for which the pieces are qualified as Cebo Campo.



Iberian cebo de campo ham

The Iberian ham bait has about two years of curing, in our natural dryers of the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche (Huelva).

We have stock to serve hams from 5 to 9 kg. If you select the weight of the piece you can see its price.

We have this ham in stock in three formats:

  • Complete piece, where the ham is shipped as it is in our natural winery, from our factory in the Sierra de Jabugo and according to the weight that interests you. It will arrive in a case and a normal transport box.
  • Boneless, where the ham is cleaned of its outer rind, the bone removed, cut according to the client’s taste and vacuum packed.
  • Sliced, cut by professional knife in comfortable envelopes and vacuum packed.
    Try our Iberian ham bait. It will cover the needs of the most demanding palates without damaging your pocket.

certificadora del jamón ibérico

Like all our hams, they are products that external company certifies, in this case as of Iberian quality of field bait.

Certified Iberian cebo de campo ham quality.

All Sierra de Jabugo hams are certified. Race, breeding and feeding controlled by external company.

We work under the Iberian quality standard.


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