Small Iberian bellota loin


It is made of the Iberian dam. At its optimum point of cure, the iberian loin is as good as the pork loin.

It comes from pigs fattened in “dehesa” with acorns.

The loins have a minimum weight of 350 grams.

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The small Iberian bellota loin of Sierra de Jabugo is one of the special parts of the pig. It is made from the Iberian Presa (It is the juiciest meat and one of the best pieces of pork).

That is stuffed and cured for a period of about 90 days. But nothing to do with the iberian pork loin.

Artisan cured meats are prepared by the expert hands of local workers. Using traditional methods and recipes that have been passed down through many generations. This and the use of premium quality meat only results in our gourmet products.

Include some of our other cured meat products, in your order of Spanish ham.

It is a gourmet product that the one who tries it, is amazed. Cut into thin slices the time of tasting gives us culinary values of the first level.

Like all our sausages, it is prepared in a traditional and artisanal way. Cured in natural dryer of the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche (Huelva).

The traceability throughout the production process is controlled by an external certifier, who certifies that the loins come from field bait.


External certifier accredited race and nutrition to qualify these “Lomito de bellota.

As you are assessing the purchase directly from the producer, you can enjoy very competitive prices. Like the other hams, shoulders and sausages that we offer in our store.

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