Sliced acorn-fed iberian shoulder


We can also cut any of our iberian shoulder or you can buy over 100 grs, which we cut and vacuum packed upon request just before shipping.

Currently you can order sachets of iberian acorn shoulder.

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Buy envelopes of 100 gr. of Iberian shoulder sliced by knife or ham directly to the producer, without intermediaries. You can enjoy very competitive prices.

The slicing or cutting with knife by our professional cutters in Sierra de Jabugo, get the cut of it is done regularly and perfectly. In thin slices keeping all its quality. Respecting all the characteristics of texture and flavor that the Iberian ham has because the cut itself is produced in a much more pause, being another popular ritual of the Mediterranean gastronomy.

Remember to open the envelopes and leave the slices in the air a few minutes before consumption. To enjoy a gourmet product.

You can also choose the piece and we will send it home completely sliced, in vacuum envelopes of 100g. Cut by hand for a good tasting.


Differences between acorn ham and ham with D.O.

Areas of cuts of a ham and the 7 flavors that the Iberian hams have.

certificadora del jamón ibérico

Quality of the certified sliced acorn-fed Iberian shoulder

External certifier accredited race and nutrition to qualify these shoulder as acorn.

As you are assessing the purchase directly from the producer, you can enjoy very competitive prices.

If you buy or need to send your product Spain or Portugal, we recommend that you make the order from our other website: or

Thanks for trusting us.

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