Iberian cured meats sliced


You can buy our iberian cured meats sliced format.

We give the possibility of acquiring in our online store sachets of pork loin,  sausage and salami type sausage.

They are also served vacuum packed and are 100 grams.



Iberian cured meats sliced

  • These pork loins stem from fodder fed iberian pigs. The curing time is 80 to 90 days.
  • This is the clasic iberian “chorizo“, traditionally produced using the best iberian meat.
  • We also elaborate iberian “salchichón“. Very lean and slightly peppery … a delicious snack.

Buy directly from the producer in Spain, at the best price.

Conservation and use:

  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • How to use: Open 30 minutes before consuming.

In general we cut the sausage you want from our catalog.


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If you buy or need to send your product Spain or Portugal, we recommend that you make the order from our other website: https://www.sierradejabugo.com or https://www.sierradejabugo.es

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Cebo de campo cured pork loin, Iberian bellota cured pork loin, Iberian chorizo, Iberian sausage


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