Cured sheep cheese “Serrano”


Made with 100% sheep raw milk.

Matured cheese, with balanced and intense flavor, persistent aftertaste, being more penetrating, strong and somewhat spicy, with a more pronounced aftertaste in the heavier cheeses.

Compact paste, of homogeneous color, yellowish ivory, scarce eyes, of small size and very distributed.

Cylindrical format, oil-colored bark and approximate weight of the 3 kg whole cheese.

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Cured sheep cheese “Serrano” is a good companion for our Iberian sausages.

Made in Zamora with 100% Sheep milk.

Intense Taste slightly spicy.

Vacuum packed. It is advisable to take it out 1 hour before being consumed.

Consume directly, raw, without culinary preparations. It is recommended to serve at room temperature, so that the taste and aroma of the product will be shown with all its intensity. Store in refrigeration between 4 ° C and 8 ° C.

We have other types of cheeses.

This is an ideal product to accompany the Iberian hams and shoulders in your order.

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