Iberian products pata negra ham

The correct labeling according to the Spanish quality standard for ham, shoulder and loin of Iberian loin, should be clear:

Product + Food + Race %

Name of the product that the user buys + Food that has had during part of its life to catalog it + The % of the purity / crossing of the race or the mixture between them.

+ Product (ham, shoulder, loin)

+ Food you have had and where you have lived

  • Acorns: feeding on acorns and natural grasses freely in dehesas.
  • Bait field: eating natural feed and pasture freely in the field.
  • Bait: feeding on natural feed in semi-freedom in fences in the field.

+% race

  • 100% Iberian: Pork with father and mother 100% pure Iberian.
  • 75% Iberian: pig crossing with 100% Iberian mother and father or mother 50% Iberian Durcoc (not a white pig). The duroc is the only breed whose crossing with Iberian is allowed within the Quality Standard of the Iberian, up to 50% blood, always by father’s way.
  • 50% Iberian: pig crossing with 100% Iberian mother and father 50% Durcoc.

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