diferencias entre etiqueta y precintos Sierra de Jabugo

The seal of the ham or of the palette is a rectangular plastic flange that has to go tight (inviolable and independent of the manufacturer) to the cane of the ham or the palette, in which we can observe:

Precintos en paletas y jamones

1. Seal color:

  • Black, for 100% Iberian acorn.
  • Red, for the Iberian acorn.
  • Green, for the Iberian field bait.
  • White, for the Iberian bait.

colores identificativos de precintos del jamón y paletas


2. Legend of the seal: The Product, Food and the Race in%), for example:  100% Iberian Bellota Ham.

3. Inscription of the precinct, under norm the logo of ASICI should appear (Interprofessional Association of the Iberian Pig).

While the label or vitola are pieces of plastic, cardboard, etc., larger and shaped, usually located at the height of the hock bone, below the cane. Having to have the same information that comes in the seal (color (the same as the seal: black, red, green or white), establish the purity of the race by facilitating the% (100%, 75% or 50% of purity of the Iberian animal, it will incorporate the name of the certifying company, the brand of the ham, the ingredients and the sanitary registration number In the case of the “pieces of denomination of origin” the regulatory council itself certifies. terms that may be misleading, with names, logos, images, symbols, or mentions that allude to an aspect related to the acorn or dehesa, in particular “pata negra” may only be used in 100% iberian acorn products.

Etiquetas o vitolas jamón paleta


Vitolas o etiquetas del jamón o paleta










In 2014, the Ministry of Agriculture approved the quality standard for meat, ham, shoulder and loin of Iberian pork loin where it informed the consumer in the labeling with the sales denomination and the indication of the racial percentage. Moving from the four previous options (acorn or montanera, recebo, field bait and bait) to three sales denominations: “de bellota“, “de cebo de campo” and “de cebo“, and eliminates the designation “recebo”.

When buying an Iberian ham buying an Iberian ham, you must take into account both the seal and the label, having to match and check the information between them. To get the maximum information when buying a piece with quality and a price commensurate with the product. “That they do not give cat to you by hare”

For more information, we leave you a video.