Differences between acorn ham with and without D.O.P.


Differences between acorn ham with and without D.O.P.

The main difference between an acorn ham protected by the Protected Designationof Origin Jabugo and another without such protection is THE GUARANTEE.

Guarantee of an EXCELLENT product, guarantee of a QUALITY product, guarantee of SATISFACTION.

To achieve this security, the Jabugo P.D.O. Regulatory Board establishes strict controls throughout the production process. Thus, the technicians of this P.D.O. increase the productive capacity of each dehesa in which the pigs take advantage of their natural resources feeding on acorns and natural grasses during the montanera, adjusting the maximum number of pigs to the fattening capacity of each farm.

After the bait phase, each piece is identified during the sacrifice and the fatty acid profile is checked in order to ensure that it is in accordance with the standards of the P.D.O. has established.

Verifying that the percentage between unsaturated (healthy) and unsaturated fatty acids is adequate, which in addition to being a delicatessen is a healthier product.

During the process of curing the product in our cellars, the pieces receive the inspection of the technicians in order to guarantee that their organoleptic characteristics meet the quality standards they have established for a product of this type, in addition to checking that the pieces are They only sell if they have fulfilled the minimum period of cure.

As a complement, Sierra de Jabugo, S.L. establishes its own internal controls in order to ensure that only that product that really deserves it is marketed with this distinction, and also as a commitment to QUALITY, we only produce SUMMUM Ham, a flagship product within the range of products covered by the P.D.O. of Jabugo.


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