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cerdo ibérico de bellota


Words related to the world of the Iberian pig.

Cabeza de lomo (Head of loin): Piece of fresh meat located on the top of pork loin.

Cala: Bone of lamb, beef or sharp horse, used to evaluate, by punctures to the piece and through the nose of an expert the quality of a ham or shoulder.

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The 7 flavors of an Iberian ham

seven flavors of iberian ham

From the same Iberian acorn ham, up to seven different flavors can be identified depending on the area from which they are cut:

Maza, is the part of the largest and most delicious ham with great intensity of flavor. With great intensity of flavors, the almonds are detected, in delightful view with brightness and the bacon entreverado. It is usually the part where you start to cut the ham if we estimate that it will last us a short period of time.

Contramaza or babilla, is the most cured and narrow part, with less fat. Its flavor is very harmonious and persistent with notes in which nuts are recognized. It is advisable to start cutting here if we are going to consume in the long term, because if we leave it to cut at the end it will dry up too much.

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La Sierra festeja las Cruces de mayo


Muchos de nuestros pueblos de la Sierra Huelva (Almonaster, Galaroza, Jabugo…) celebran las Cruces de Mayo. Entre las que destacan, las Fiestas de la Cruz de Almonaster la Real y sus aldeas que están declaradas de Interés Etnológico e incluidas en el Catálogo General de Bienes Patrimoniales de Andalucía.

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Enjoy anywhere in our ham

Jamón de bellota en la Sierra


Our hams and shoulders anywhere.

Take advantage of the offer of sliced Iberian ham or shoulder ham. In comfortable envelopes vacuum packed 100 grams. That you can take it and enjoy it anywhere you want. Buy batch of Iberian ham sliced by knife or shoulder directly to the producer, without intermediaries.

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Differences between houlder and iberian hams

Differences between shoulders and Iberian hams

The differences between the shoulders and the iberian hams, although they come from the legs of the pigs (the shoulder, comes from the front legs and the ham from the hind legs of the pig), are two very different products. Among them are: the size and / or volume, its shape, the yield, its taste, the curing time and its price.

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