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We resist before the giants of the Iberian

Resist before the giants of the Iberian

The Sierra de Jabugo Group already slaughters 35,000 pigs, has two farms, a thousand own breeding mothers, two factories, drying houses and five brands.

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We collaborate with medical-humanitarian action organization

We collaborate with medical-humanitarian action organization


In Sierra de Jabugo as a company and with our team of people that make it up, we are aware of the tragedy that thousands of people in the world are suffering. For what we believe it is necessary to collaborate with the work done by ONG such as MÉDECINS SANS FRONTIÈRES, trying to alleviate the ravages of wars, violence against women, social instability in many countries, etc. Trying to reduce the lack of resources, the lack of access to health services, poverty …

Companies are important drivers of social change.

Iberian ham from Jabugo. Eat it

Jabugo, one of the most famous towns, because as an ambassador we have ham. A delicacy fruit of the effort of its inhabitants that defend as a food and a way of life.

Jabugo offers monuments, beautiful landscapes and, of course, an excellent gastronomy that has the Iberian pork products as its protagonist. Between which it is possible to emphasize:

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Pilgrimage Queen of Angels


As every year the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche, is prepared to attend the pilgrimage of the Queen of Angels in the Peña de Arias Montano. In that magic corner that the famous humanist and chaplain of Felipe II retired back in the sixteenth century.

It was in 1924 when a representation of the high society of Aracena, which also included the infants Don Carlos and Doña Luisa, went to worship the Queen of the Angels in her Sanctuary in the Peña de Arias Montano. There are some valuable documentaries rescued and restored by the production company, the Dalp – Nazarí (participated by Javier SánchezDalp, Marqués de Aracena).

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The melon with iberian ham

melon with Iberian ham

The melon with iberian ham, is another recipe very rich and easy of the Mediterranean diet. Now with the melon in full season, it is a dish with a mixture of sweet melon and the contribution of flavors of ham.


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