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Terminologías de palabras, relacionadas con el mundo del cerdo ibérico. La “A”.


Palabras relacionadas con el mundo del ibérico.

Acabado: Fase final de engorde. Se dice que un cochino está acabado cuando está cebado y listo para el sacrificio.

Acabar: Terminar el cebado del cerdo.

Ácidos grasos: Componentes de las grasas. En los productos de ibérico son responsables de la jugosidad y textura del jamón o paleta.

Agostadero: Terreno donde los cerdos pastan durante el verano, generalmente situados cerca de riberas, barrancos o charcas.

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What our cellars keep

Wineries Sierra de Jabugo

A wonder of nature, to endow us with this microclimate that makes us cure our hams; culture with a way of life and customs with knowledge with which we continue to breed the Iberian pig and tradition that is transmitted from generation to generation to offer you these magnificent pieces.

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Differences between acorn ham with and without D.O.P.

Differences between acorn ham with and without D.O.P.


Differences between acorn ham with and without D.O.P.

The main difference between an acorn ham protected by the Protected Designationof Origin Jabugo and another without such protection is THE GUARANTEE.

Guarantee of an EXCELLENT product, guarantee of a QUALITY product, guarantee of SATISFACTION.

To achieve this security, the Jabugo P.D.O. Regulatory Board establishes strict controls throughout the production process. Thus, the technicians of this P.D.O. increase the productive capacity of each dehesa in which the pigs take advantage of their natural resources feeding on acorns and natural grasses during the montanera, adjusting the maximum number of pigs to the fattening capacity of each farm.

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Protected Designation of Origin Jabugo in Paris



Sierra de Jabugo, S.L. has been at the official presentation of the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Jabugo in Paris, to the international community.

The act has served to make the product known to prescribers, chefs, the gourmet sector, potential interested parties, wholesalers and retailers. This is the first international presentation after the change in the nomenclature of the PDO, hence the importance that this initiative has reached, which is part of the collaboration agreement.

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