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Words related to the world of the Iberian pig. The “G”

Words related to the world of the Iberian pig

Terminologies of words related to the world of the Iberian pig. The “G”


Piglet that during the lactation has caught the teat (mammary) more back or abdominal of its mother, which produce less milk than the front ones (more productive) and therefore they grow less than their brothers.


Name given to the piglet in Salamanca.


Name of the Denomination of Origin of Iberian hams and shoulders of the locality of Salamanca.


Pig, with less than four months to live.


Onomatopoeic term that can allude to the Iberian pig, boar …

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The draft. Know a good Iberian ham.


Knowing how to distin guish iberian ham by its seal, label, morphology and touch is important. But there is a Selection pata negra hamdelicate process that the ham master must do to know if it is at its optimum point for consumption by the ham coveThis phase is carried out when the piece is being cured in the dryer, cellar or when selling the cured piece to our customers in the store. The smell of a professional allows through its aroma to know: the quality, the degree of cure, the level of salty, if it is kept in the best conditions and if there is any anomaly that suggests that the piece is not perfect.

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Flavor: Mix of aroma and flavor of ham

flavor ham in Sierra de Jabugo.

Terminologies of the Iberian pig world: Flavor.

It is a word of English origin used to designate the aroma of a ham. Mixture of aroma and flavor.

Our best ham is offered under the guarantee of the Denomination of Origin “Jamón de Jabugo”.

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Do you know the difference between seal and label?

diferencias entre etiqueta y precintos Sierra de Jabugo

The seal of the ham or of the palette is a rectangular plastic flange that has to go tight (inviolable and independent of the manufacturer) to the cane of the ham or the palette, in which we can observe:

Precintos en paletas y jamones

1. Seal color:

  • Black, for 100% Iberian acorn.
  • Red, for the Iberian acorn.
  • Green, for the Iberian field bait.
  • White, for the Iberian bait.

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Cured hams and shoulders of Jabugo

Our cured hams and shoulders of Jabugo come from Iberian pigs through a selection of livestock.

offer ham gran selección

Offers Iberian Shoulder Jabugo

OFFER of Jamón Great Selection of Jabugo.


OFFER Cured shoulder of Jabugo.

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