flavor ham in Sierra de Jabugo.

Terminologies of the Iberian pig world: Flavor.

It is a word of English origin used to designate the aroma of a ham. Mixture of aroma and flavor.

Our best ham is offered under the guarantee of the Denomination of Origin “Jamón de Jabugo”.

This ham comes from 100% Iberian pigs (pure Iberian) raised extensively in dehesa. Fed with acorns the 4 or 5 months that lasts the montanera, where the animals put about 60 kg.

Enjoy the famous pata negra of Jabugo… with Sierra de Jabugo you have the best “Summum” ham at producer prices.

Process of elaboration endorsed by the Denomination of Origin Jamón de Huelva certifies the “Iberian acorn” quality of these hams.