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The most famous Spanish ham of certified origin

Andalucian gourmet product

Learn about Iberian artisan production.

Get to know all the different aspects of the artisan production of Iberian cured meats, the reasons behind the differences in quality of Iberian pork products ... let yourself be fascinated and captured by this unique world of Spanish ham.

The Iberian race.

There are many different races of the porcine species, which have been selected wisely generation after generation.
The Iberian race is highly valued for its superior quality meat, even though it presents a lower productivity (lower yield of meat, lower birth rate during reproduction ...).

Its genetic characteristics give the Iberian race its distinctive culinary properties. The difference to other porcine species is that the Iberian pork deposits the fats it accumulates in the course of its life within the muscle tissue. This makes the meat juicy, which is one of the main characteristics of Spanish ham.

Our company "Sierra de Jabugo" exclusively raises Iberian pigs and therefore guarantees only gourmet products.

Iberian pigs on Jabugo's dehesas

The natural rearing of Iberian pigs on the "dehesa" .

In the south-west of the Iberian Peninsula man has been transforming the land since the middle ages, with the aim to combine agriculture with cattle farming in a resilient way.

Centuries of work have resulted in an ecosystem where pastures and trees (mainly oaks and cork oaks) create a convenient environment for both, agriculture and cattle farming. These meadows are called "dehesa".

There are no pig farms for the production of Iberian ham. The Iberian pigs are reared on the "dehesa", which is the only method of producing the gourmet meat poducts and also of preserving the "dehesa" land, which has been sustained in this way for centuries.

The different qualities of Spanish ham: "bellota", "recebo" and "cebo".

Depending on how the Iberian pigs have been reared there are three different levels of quality:

"Bellota": The Iberian pigs have been reared on the "dehesa", grazing in the countryside and thereby exercising their muscles like a wild animal.

During the period between September and February the oak trees bear fruit, the acorns, which fall off the trees. The Iberian pigs love them and feed on them for autumn and winter.

The acorn is very high in energy and contains a lot of oleic acid (which is also a component of olive oil). The ingestion of acorns for a significant period of the pigs growth, results in the well-known gourmet meat products, which are not only exceptionally delicious, but also very healthy.

Acorn's oak
"Recebo": The lower quality of these meat products is the result of insufficient ingestion of acorns. This can be due to the "dehesa" not having the sufficient amount of oak trees per animal reared on the land or a low yield of acorns.

The "recebo" products are not easy to find, because normally the number of animals is adjusted to the availability of acorns to obtain the certification of "bellota"

"Cebo": These meat products come from Iberian pigs that have not been reared on the "dehesa", but have been fed with cereal fodder instead.

The traditional elaboration of Iberian ham in Jabugo.

Although it is a small town with less then 2.000 inhabitants, Jabugo is very well-known for its tradition surrounding the Iberian pig. So it is no surprise that the Iberian "bellota" ham is also known as " Jamón de Jabugo" (ham from Jabugo)..

All the people, living in this area, have inherited a legacy, which we value highly. Therefore we keep working according to the traditional methods, curing the meat in natural curing houses and using old recipes for seasoning the cured meats.

For make the Iberian ham need salt. The cool mountain-climate and the natural fungi of the environment do the rest.

Local workers, who have absorbed the Iberian tradition while growing up in the area, form our staff. Everyone who is part of the process, from farmers, to butchers, to the people who slice the ham, all of them are an essential part of "Sierra de Jabugo".
Spanish gourmet products from Jabugo

Transparency in the Iberian meat production.

In our company "Sierra de Jabugo" we strictly control the entire process of production to assure the gourmet quality that our clients expect.

Apart from the company-internal controls, our work is supervised by an external body ("Jamon de Huelva") who assure that the standards for the certification of origin are met.
The certifiers evaluate the rearing of the animals in the "dehesa", where they verify the acorn yield, the number of animals and also the race of the animals ... all these factors decide whether the quality of the meat will be certified "bellota", "recebo" or "cebo".

We offer double guarantee of race, rearing and alimentation !

Jabugo spanish bellota ham with guarantee If you find fault with the products you can exchange them.

Our aim is to keep our clients with "Sierra de Jabugo".

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The Iberian meat production benefits the maintainance of the "dehesa" land of our region.
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